Some cliché BS up here to make you feel good about me.




As a musician, I have been playing and performing for the better part of 25 years. In film, not nearly as long. However, I am quite the looker and all the things I've done during the 36 years I have spent on this weird planet more than make up for my lack of talent.

I also shamelessly perform with my voice for SCAD Atlanta Radio.

Leadership and Service


I was in the military for a billion years, so that makes me somewhat cooler than you. See my smile? I'm really dead inside.


I got my bachelors degree. Now I am getting my MFA in Film at SCAD Atlanta. I am also a member of both the Alpha Chi and Lambda Pi Eta National Honor Societies. 

Upon graduation, I plan on starting my own not-for-profit country where old VHS tapes will be currency. Be kind, rewind.