As a musician, I have been playing and performing for the better part of 25 years (this should increase as every year goes by, but I'll probably forget to update it). In film, not nearly as long. However, I am quite the looker and all the things I've done during the 36 years I have spent on this weird planet more than make up for my lack of talent.

I also shamelessly perform with my voice for SCAD Atlanta Radio.

Leadership and Service


I was in the military for a billion years, so that makes me somewhat cooler than you. See my smile? I'm really dead inside.


I got my bachelors degree. Now I am getting my MFA in Film at SCAD Atlanta. I am also a member of both the Alpha Chi and Lambda Pi Eta National Honor Societies. 

Upon graduation, I plan on starting my own not-for-profit country where old VHS tapes will be currency. Be kind, rewind.

Seriously, just take a minute and rewind it.